Our shop will be closed from Sunday 14th October 2018 to Monday 22nd October 2018 inclusive

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Flowers & Plants

We buy and stock what we love and hope you will too- that means seasonal flowers, with a British garden style and interesting but easy-care plants that green up your life and always in our natural, elegant and understated style.

We source from the Dutch markets all year round and always have a great variety of blooms to choose from.  And to support British flowers, throughout the summer you’ll find posies of locally grown flowers available in the Bruntsfield shop.

Fabulous flowers, less fuss…

When it comes to ordering fresh flowers online, we offer 3 colour-based options, available as a gift-wrapped bouquet or arranged in a choice of glassware- so choosing could not be easier. By minimising choice, we reduce waste- of the flowers and foliage themselves and of your precious time wading through endless screens of options.

If you would like specific flowers and colours, just call the shop on 0131 229 1951 or email enquiries@snapdragonedinburgh.com  We are buying fresh flower stocks every few days, so unless something is seasonally unavailable we’ll usually be able to get what you’d like.

Plants- green up your life…

Our plant selection changes weekly depending on availability. Online, we offer an edited range of plants we usually have in- store such as succulents and larger foliage plants. If you would like something specific, we can usually order it in for you, just call the shop on 0131 229 1951 or email enquiries@snapdragonedinburgh.com

Botanical bits and bobs…

We also stock a range of items for city and indoor gardeners and botanical enthusiasts including pots, vases. compost, tools, watering cans, stationery and a small selection of books.

An edited selection is available in our online shop or pop into our Bruntsfield store to see the full range.

And to help you care for your flowers and plants once you get them home, you can download our flower care guide and plant care guide here.